La Pazzia in me!!

" E v e r y b o d y   d r e a m s. ”

" E v e r y b o d y   d r e a m s. ”

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sandshoesandbadwolf said: Could you do Ten(too) and Rose in #70?

Seriously, I’m a sucker for anything ten(too)/rose. You guys know my obsessions too well!




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Ahahah capitain :D

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“Mai avere rimpianti. Se è andata bene, è meraviglioso, se è andata male, è esperienza.”
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“Domandare è lecito.
Ma non di mattina.”
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I swear to Odin if someone doesn’t make this movie happen…

Could it be a four-movie series?

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Meredith and Derek + Hugs [requested by anonymous]

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